Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Overdue Update!

So I have really been neglecting this thing. I am going to try and take a more dedicated approach to updating from here on out. So a lot has changed. I have picked up a couple of shifts in other departments. Helped banquets a few times, which is always fun cus its dynamic and always changing and I like that. I also did a food running shift for the lounges Divas, and Larkspur.

Annnnd.. last night I had my first dinner training shift! Which was awesome! It's the norm to usually have to do 3 months of breakfast before you can train for dinner and I have been here for just over a month so it was nice to move up so quick.

The restaurant is starting to get busier as well so that has been nice. We do quite a few tour groups in Primrose from all over the place. A lot of them are Japanese groups and we have even done a few traditional Japanese breakfasts for them as well as the typical buffet.

So all in all things have been going well. I'm working with great people and learning a lot in the process!

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