Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leeching internetz from Starbucks.. AGAIN

So here I am in Starbucks once more. Erica and I reaaaallly need to get our Shaw hooked up in our room. -HINT HINT- Erica I'm looking at you :P

I worked at 6:15 today. It was myself and 1 other server, Bec, who is awesome! Our junior server from VIU was late today so it was a bit of a rush setting up everything up in time for 7am when the guests arrive. I had a 16 top table and about 6 other tables throughout the day.

I am starting to get things in order for my co-op requirements. As I said yesterday I have finalized my goals and am now just trying to navigate the D2L website so I can send in the required paperwork. The F&B management team is quite large so I am just trying to figure out who I should put as my direct supervisor. I am not too sure if it is the Director of F&B or my floor supervisor. I haven't had too much contact with the Director so I think I should put my direct supervisor? Either way, I hope to include an org chart with contacts so hopefully I will get that sorted tomorrow.

Anyways, for now this girl needs to get up the mountain home so she can wake up at 4:45am!
PS the transit system here is awesome and we get free bus passes.. double score.

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