Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 1!

Helloooo Banff! So I arrived here on the evening of the 26th with my Daddy who so graciously drove me the 8 hour drive!! The drive was beauuutiful. I was good to go to check into staff accom the next day at 10 am. Met my roomie Erica at the hotel and we checked into our lovely abode, L15. The next day we had a brief orientation and tour of the hotel with 4 other students from VIU in Nanaimo.

My first training shift at the Primrose restaurant was the 29th and started at 6:30 am.. ouchie. Since I have been here I have been dead tired adjusting to the altitude, but talking with other people who have moved here it takes about 2 weeks to feel back to normal. My first few training shifts went really well and I started taking my own tables on the second day. I only did this because it was a little busy because I am not supposed to serve my own tables til my 4 days of training are over.

On the 30th I was lucky enough to do a staff wine tasting in the Eden restaurant. It was hosted by Wine Runners in a private room with ah-mazing views. Apparently they have these about every month. We sampled 8 different wines all from different smaller, family run wineries. Some from Spain, Portugal, and quite a few from the Napa Valley. I heart wine tastings.

After I finished at Primrose on Saturday we were all asked to help out in the banquets department which was getting slaughtered by a function for the Alberta Auto Association. That morning before my alarm went off at 4:45am Erica walked in to our room. I assumed she stayed in town at her girlfriends, but no she was just getting off a 17 hour shift. Yikes! She loves it though because she is a machine.

I just got back from Calgary from my 2 days off.. I hung out with some friends I know from Vic there so it was really nice to get away from staff accom for a couple days. Tomorrow I start my 5th day at the Primrose so no more training! Definitely stoked for this! That is all for now.

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