Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Training is DONEZO

1st day of serving my own tables went really well! We had quite a few tables come in right at 7am, but overall it was more than manageable for myself and the other server.

I was also able to sit down with Andrea, my HR manager, today to go over some of my goals and they are as follows:

1) To learn and excel in all my duties as Primrose Breakfast Server.
2) To move into evening shifts at Primrose.
3) To cross train and gain any experience I can in Eden, the 5 diamond restaurant.

Andrea seemed to be supportive of these goals. She seems to think I will be able to move into evenings at Primrose very quickly. She also encouraged me to contact Chad Greaves, the Maitre d'Hotel, to see about picking up hosting shifts in Eden. We also discussed the possibility of sitting in on a F&B management meeting. So overall I think things are going swimmingly.

Another feat today is that I didn't nap! I think I am finally starting to adjust to this altitude.. yay! Can't wait to have my full energy back it will be so nice! Well I'm just leeching Internet from Starbucks at the mo and I think my time is almost up.. will update with more soon including pics. Peace.

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